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A company started to showcase their one of a kind unique designs yet FAMILIAR furniture products, We are positioning our company as STABLE and DEPENDABLE provider of unique and  very high quality furniture products.

Furthermore, Ifugao in Bohol Furniture aims to provide PREDICTABLE furniture products made from hardwood and rattan materials to the people in the region and all over the globe.

Our Story

Ifugao in Bohol Furniture company started in year  2012 by Mr Julius Maglajos and his wife Lorraine Nicole Maglajos in Sal-ing Balilihan Bohol as a hobby. They just started to do furnitures in their home and later on they decided to make it as a business. Both likes wood and furniture design. From their own unique COMPORTING design,  all they wanted was to make sure their clients  is satisfied and be amaze in their products.

Meet the Team

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Julius Maglajos


Lorraine Nicole Maglajos


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